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European Board and College of

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Training the Trainers ( TTT) and Training the Visitors (TTV) Course

This course will be run in close collaboration with the Czech and Slovak Societies of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Venue: Hotel Devin, Bratislava;
24th & 25th May, 2017

Organizing secretariat:

Agentura KAMI, s.r.o.
+421 / 917 / 830 176

The Programme


The course will comprise of three parts:

I)                   The training curriculum;

II)                Training the Trainers;

III)              Training the visitors.



Wednesday 24th May:


12.00  Coffee and sandwiches;

13.00  Welcome & Introduction: Prof. Jaroslav Feyereisl , prof.Ján Danko


The Ob/Gyn Training Curriculum: what is new?


13.05  The best training for the best care: an innovative

            European approach in Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Fedde Scheele;


13.35  Current status of postgraduate education in Obstetrics &

            Gynaecology in the Czech Republic: Petr Velebil;



Training the Trainers (I):


14.00  Giving proper feedback: Ziva Novak;


15.30  Coffee/tea break;


16.00  Practical skills training: Ziva Novak;


18.00  Closure


Thursday 25th May


Training the Trainers (II)


8.30 – 10.30 h   Assessment & Appraisal: Ziva Novak


10.30 - 11.00 h Coffee break


Training the Visitors


11.00    Why is hospital auditing (visiting) and accreditation of   

      Ob/Gyn training  programmes important in Europe 

              and what pre-visit information is required?

              Juriy Wladimiroff;

11.35   What is the role of the visitors on the day of the visit and what needs to be learnt from the visit?: Ioannis Messinis

12.00  How to interview clinicians and trainees to gather relevant  information? : Juriy Wladimiroff;

12.30  Discussion

12.45  Lunch

13.30  The importance of matching the information with the post- graduate curriculum from the trainees’ perspective: ENTOG ;

13.50  Mini practical sessions ( 2x40 minutes) by participants; Faculty: Ioannis Messinis; Jaroslav Feyereisl; Jan Danko; Fedde Scheele; Petr Velebil; ENTOG ; Juriy Wladimiroff.

15.10  Coffee/tea break

15.30   How to make a good summary of facts for the ‘end of visit feedback’? : Ioannis Messinis;

15.50   Writing the visiting report for the actual accreditation process: Juriy Wladimiroff;

16.15   Closing remarks: Prof. Jaroslav Feyereisl, Prof. Jan Danko

Why this course?

It is essential that doctors acquire knowledge and skills required to teach and train trainees in order to produce good quality specialists and trainers of the future. They should also acquire experience in quality assessing the provision of training in other training units (hospital visiting).

The basic EBCOG Training the Trainers (TTT) and Training the Visitors (TTV) course is unique in its design to give trainers from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic the essential tools to provide good quality training for trainees. The course teaches trainers to understand how to plan and deliver a teaching session as well as demonstrate how to provide effective feedback. The course also teaches how to conduct an effective quality assessment of training through hospital visiting.

What to learn from this course?

The main topics of the basic TTT part of the course are:

  • Giving proper feedback;
  • Practical skills training;
  • Assessment & appraisal.

The main topics of the TTV part of the course are:

  • The principle and methodology of EBCOG hospital visiting;
  • To gain skills to conduct hospital visit by collecting relevant information to support doctors in training;
  • To learn skills to interview senior and junior colleagues and to provide feedback;
  • To learn how to write focused hospital visiting reports.

Both the TTT and TTV part of the course will be interactive with lectures, role play and feedback.

Who should attend?

  • Senior doctors/ programme directors/ heads of department/ clinical teachers involved in post-graduate training who are interested in improving quality of training not only in their own departments, but also across the Europe;
  • Doctors in training who are the future of our specialty, and are enthusiastic about the provision of training and quality assurance of their training programmes;
  • Experienced trainers and hospital visitors, who wish to polish their    skills for training and hospital visiting.

Course TTT/TTV may also attend a doctor whose clinic /employer is not delegating to this course.
The registration fee for participants is 200 € / person.
The price does not include accommodation (extra charge). If you require it, please let us know. We will send you the offer.

Registration form - TTT/TTV courses

Dates: Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th May 2017
Venue: Hotel Devin, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Registration deadline 12. 5. 2017.

*The registration fee includes (only for delegating doctors) the accommodation in double room in hotel Devin (24.-25.5.2017)